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Online Banking Security and Fraud Protection


Bank of New Orleans is committed to providing a safe and secure online banking environment.

Here are some of the measures we take to protect the safety of your financial information:

  • The security of your information is our priority. We continually evaluate our security measures and policies to make sure we offer the highest level of protection.
  • Your identity is verified using multi-factor authentication when you log in to Online Banking. You will be shown an Authentication Image and Phrase before you enter your password. You will be required to answer a series of security questions when logging in for the first time from a new computer.
  • We respect your privacy. BNO will never share or sell your personal information.
  • Online Banking uses secure sessions. You will automatically be logged out of your account after a period of inactivity.

Here are some additional steps to do your part in protecting your online identity:

  • Protect your Access ID and password for Online Banking. Do not share your ID or password with anyone. Do not save your password in your browser. Remember that BNO will never contact you to request your online credentials.
  • Keep you anti-virus software current and install system updates. This will help protect your computer system from outside attacks.
  • Install a firewall and intrusion prevention software on your home network.
  • Keep an eye on account activity. Periodically review transactions for unauthorized activity.
  • Contact Bank of New Orleans if you notice or suspect any suspicious activity related to your online banking account.

Commercial account holders should perform their own risk assessment measurements and implement necessary controls:

Make a list of the risks related to online transactions:

  • Passwords being written down and left out in the open.
  • Use of old or inadequate passwords.
  • Possible internal fraud or theft.
  • Delays in terminating former employees.
  • Lack of dual control.

Evaluate and adjust controls used by your business:

  • Use password protected software.
  • Conduct employee background checks.
  • Adhere to a process for employee termination.
  • Split duties to avoid having one employee with full control.
  • Conduct audits of controls.
  • Use firewalls to protect from outside attacks.

Federal reglations provide consumers with some protections for electronic funds transfers and provide specific steps you need to take to help resolve an error with your account:

  • You must act in a timely manner to take advantage or these protections.
  • Notify us immediately if you believe your access information has been stolen or comromised.
  • See the Electronic Fund Transfer disclosures that were provided at account opening for more information on these types of protections.

If you become aware of any suspicious account activity, immediately contact the authorities and Bank of New Orleans.


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Please be aware that there are a number of scams involving phone calls and/or email. BNO will never make an unsolicited request for your personal information over the phone or via email. Click here for more information on security and fraud protection.